Online campaign | Symbio | Feel Better February

Project date: February 2014

Giving a tired promo a sassy new tone

For a number of years, Symbio had been running 'Feel Better February', challenging women to eat Symbio probiotic yoghurt every day in February and see if they feel any difference in their digestion. It was all feeling very earnest, too much like hard work, and was in serious need of a refresh. So we made Feel Better February about more than just yoghurt - it became about feeling better inside and out.

We gave the campaign a sassy new tone and a fun-loving look and feel. We also modernised the digital strategy. Women could sign up to 28 days of emails, each containing one fun task to complete, plus a Symbio serving suggestion. And we created lots of quirky pieces of snackable social content. All of which combined to connect participants with one another, creating an instant and very popular online community around Feel Better February for the very first time.

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