Strategy, TVC, Online video | Anmum | You've got this.

Project date: March 2016

Launching a new brand of infant formula to Kiwi mums

Fonterra wanted to launch its infant formula product Anmum to the New Zealand market, with a view to also launching it in China later in the year. A key part of their strategy was knowing that Chinese mums would carefully research Fonterra's infant formula online to make sure the product they're being sold is also being bought, consumed and trusted by New Zealanders. So we were tasked with creating a campaign of TVCs to launch the brand that would appeal to New Zealand parents, but also hit the right notes with Chinese parents too, so they'd know that Anmum is a truly Kiwi brand, loved by Kiwi parents.

I worked on the creative strategic insights and 'You've got this' tagline which were applied to Anmum globally, as well as the New Zealand concepts, tone of voice and TVC scripts.