Online video B2B | Fonterra | Dairy for Life

Communicating what 'Dairy for Life' really means

New Zealand's largest company, Fonterra is a multinational dairy cooperative that's responsible for around 30% of the world's dairy exports. They wanted to communicate their brand values, and the architecture of those values, to a wide audience - from internal staff and shareholders through to international B2B customers.

With a growing awareness of environmental impact of the dairy industry, and yet its reliance on the land and New Zealand's clean, green image, the videos needed to hit the right notes to evoke pride but also inspire continued action in Fonterra's corporate responsibility and sustainability efforts.

We created 12 videos that explained the Dairy for Life philosophy, the three pillars under that - Responsible Dairying, Dairy Excellence and Nutrition for Life - and all the work they have underway within those three areas.