Website | Welcome to BNZ

Crafting a welcome that's completely personalised

As a welcome to the Bank of New Zealand, we created a highly-personalised website for all new customers. The idea was to give them a run down of all of the products and services they'd chosen with the bank, along with some recommendations and friendly tips to show them how each one of these products could help them be good with money.

This complex personalisation meant that around 60 different content modules needed to be written, with copy variations within each, to suit every possible customer combination.

The modules were loaded into a parallax design that integrated with the current Bank of New Zealand brand creative. As you scrolled down, a dollar coin tumbled out of the hand at the top, spinning and falling through each module, finally landing in another hand at the bottom. Video snippets of the tumbling dollar coin that featured in our brand TVCs appeared interwoven throughout.