Hi there. I'm Rachael.

I’m an ideas person. A creative problem solver. A strategic thinker. And a writer.

I've worked in London, UK and Auckland, New Zealand and my work has received awards at the top creative festivals, including D&AD, Cannes Lions, Axis, Spikes Asia and Caples.

The internet and I grew up together, fell in love in the early days and have never spent long apart, so looking at the world from a digital-first mindset comes naturally to me.

And being at the forefront of emerging tech is what puts a twinkle in my eye - from my very first job running the website and online store for the hit animated TV series bro'Town, to pioneering the first social media strategies for brands in the UK like Ford and Pringles, to creating cutting-edge, award-winning digital innovations for the likes of TVNZ, Bank of New Zealand and Mountain Dew.

I've let 'Shortland Street' fans enjoy a summer fling on Facebook with their favourite character from the show. I've helped graffiti artists turn their tags 3D using mo-cap technology, then put them on any street corner in the world using Google maps. I've made it possible for people to uncover how they truly feel about money using state-of-the-art emotion recognition technology. And I've created a simple moisturising cream that can help women fight breast cancer.

I feel totally at ease with my ideas taking any form. They could be messages, stories, experiences, games, products or tools. They could be a single tweet or a fully-fledged campaign, but they always originate from an insight into human nature.

I use design thinking and human-centred design methods to bring ideas and innovations to life. My goal is to make things better for people in all sorts of ways - whether that's through the way brands talk, look and feel, their messages and marketing, products and services, or events and experiences. I'm adept at spotting opportunities for businesses and organisations to transform themselves by putting people at the heart of their brand.