Content design | TimelyPay

Project date: July 2023

Launching a new payment service for hair and beauty salons

The hair and beauty industry already knew about our fantastic booking and client management software, Timely. Now we needed to introduce them to our equally awesome payments solution – TimelyPay.

This ambitious project saw us bringing integrated hardware and software to the market, a first for the company. A complex array of content was required to bring it all to fruition and to seamlessly match it up to the 'back of house' service design, involving the entire Timely team. The launch was highly successful with hundreds of thousands in revenue being put through the new payments system every day and continued growth as the Timely team keep iteratively improving.

Content design collaboration across Figma
Collaborating with key stakeholders and a cross-functional team, I worked on the content design, mapping out the customer journey across a multitude of touchpoints. I also worked hands-on, copywriting and directing design across much of the content to ensure the key messages and tone were always empathetic to the customer at every stage in their journey.