Brand positioning & Tone | Ecology + Co

Project date: February 2021

Positioning a new drink that's distilled yet alcohol-free

Following on from their highly successful distilled alcohol-free spirits, Ecology + Co were gearing up to launch a range of slimline cans containing a premix of their alcohol-free spirits combined with a bespoke tonic or soda. They were looking for some practical guidance on how to position the brand and what tone of voice it should take.

About the brand
Ecology + Co are a brand with a social conscience. Not only are they aiming to create an inclusive movement that makes choosing not to drink socially acceptable, they also have a social enterprise element to their business, which they're looking to gradually expand. So the branding and tone of voice needed to allow for these aspects of their business to shine as well as the more product-driven elements, such as the craftsmanship of their distillation processes and the refined flavour profiles they are able to create.

Below you can read through the brand positioning and tone of voice work I produced for them, followed by some of the product launch imagery featuring the can and packaging design, and launch copywriting examples.