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Project date: July 2017

Adding emotion to New Zealand's dairy ingredients offering

NZMP, the global dairy ingredients brand of Fonterra, wanted a new year-long video content strategy to align with their business objectives of moving from a commodity-focused to value-added offering. The audience was both internal and external  B2B dairy ingredients customers from around the world, as well as the employees of NZMP and Fonterra. The internal audience was somewhat sceptical of the marketing produced to date and lacked trust that the marketing team and their creative partners could understand their world.

Our content strategy
Previously, NZMP's marketing had been rather technical and dry in tone. We believed that adding an emotional reason to believe in the brand would add value  giving NZMP a competitive advantage, and providing staff with a sense of pride. We understood that NZMP's dairy experts are passionate, focused, ingenious and yet humble people. If we allowed NZMP's customers to see those personality traits with their own eyes, and develop empathy for these dairy experts, we believed they would value the business relationship even more.